Flight Club 805 Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is Flight Club 805:
A) Flight Club 805 is a benefit club hosted by Camarillo Flight Instruction & Aircraft Rental, CFI Inc. Members pay a monthly fee for access to discounts on aircraft rental, flight instruction, and more. Aside from the monetary benefits, Flight Club 805 is a community of aviation enthusiasts in the local area that choose to make CFI their go to for general aviation, and to meet other like-minded individuals at members only events and gatherings.

Q) What is the #1 priority of Flight Club 805:
A) As with anything aviation related, safety comes first before anything else. With the commitment and support from club members, Camarillo Flight Instruction is better able to keep high standards in the maintaining of all our aircraft, and allows us to be proactive in the way we approach inspections as well as bringing the latest technology into the cockpit, such as ADSB traffic inside of all our aircraft. We also rely on club members to be leaders in the aviation community, and set the example for other pilots and students. To be a safe pilot, you need to be fly often, and we hope membership in Flight Club 805 can help facilitate increased frequency of flying.

Q) Who can join and benefit from Flight Club 805:
A) Anyone can join Flight Club 805 that wishes to take advantage of its benefits. From student pilots just starting out, to those working toward higher level of certification or ratings, as well as renters… everyone can benefit!

Q) How do I join:
A)  Registering for the club is an easy 3 step process. To learn more or to get started with step #1, click here.

Q) What does membership cost:
A) To see current membership pricing, click here.

Q) Why is there an initiation fee?
A) The initiation fee helps us to cover costs associated with setting up your membership and administering the club.

Q) What are the benefits of membership:
A) Glad you asked! To see the current benefits, click here.

Q) How much will I save:
A) How much you will save is dependent on your specific usage. For a current club rate sheet, click here.

Q) Is there a contract:
A) While we do require all Flight Club 805 members to sign an “Acknowledgement of Terms & Conditions”, there is no required length of time that one must remain a member. You are free to cancel any time.

Q) How am I charged for membership:
A) After online processing of the initial registration fee, you will then setup monthly billing on a credit card of your choice and you will be billed monthly on the anniversary of your registration for your membership on this same card.

Q) If I cancel membership in the middle of a month, will I be prorated?
A) No prorating of fees is offered at time of cancellation. 

Q) How do I cancel membership:
A) Simply cancel online here or email us at info@camarilloairport.com and say, “hey, please cancel my Flight Club 805 membership!”. The please is optional but appreciated. Confirmation of cancellation will be sent. Please retain this confirmation as proof of cancellation.

Q) Is there a fee to cancel:
A) Nope, there is no fee to cancel, but there are no refunds of any kind for initial registration fee or any portion of monthly fees for any reason.

Q) How will Camarillo Flight Instruction staff know that I’m a Flight Club 805 member:
A) Upon successful completion of registration, and for as long as your membership is active, staff will know you are a member by way of a unique designation on your internal Camarillo Flight Instruction pilot profile / account page. The designation also automatically tells our software to automatically give you your discounts for any services you receive for which you are entitled to a discount. There are no calls to make or special forms to fill out.

Q) Do I have to join Flight Club 805 to be able to rent aircraft or take flight lessons:
A) Membership is not required to be a customer of Camarillo Flight Instruction & Aircraft rental.

Q) How can I get a Flight Club 805 shirt:
A) All new members receive one free shirt with initiation, however, anyone may purchase one of our awesome club shirts online by clicking here. We appreciate the support and if we are ever at Target and see you wearing your shirt, expect lots of high fiving and fist bumping.

Q) I’m a member, and I see that there is a new club shirt, do I get one for free?
A) We will be producing a new shirt design every year. When you register for the club the free shirt will be the latest club shirt design. You are welcome to purchase additional shirts including new designs in the future via our online store by clicking here.

Q) I’ve been a customer for a while, but didn’t know about the club, if I join now, can I get credited for the discounts I would have received?
A) Retroactive discounts or credits are not offered, but its never to late to join Flight Club 805 to start benefiting.

Q) Do you offer family memberships?
A) Flight Club 805 is only available on an individual basis.

Q) I’m going to be traveling, or I have some other reason why I won’t be able to fly or utilize my membership for a period of time, can I freeze my membership?
A) At this time our system does not allow for accounts to be frozen and therefore this is not offered. If you choose to cancel, you may do so at any time, however, if you ever decide to rejoin the club, a new initiation fee must be paid.

Q) I meant to cancel my membership and I haven’t been flying or taking lessons and I just realized that I am still being billed monthly for membership, can I get a refund of these fees since I have not been using my membership?
A) Refunds are not offered, nor will they be granted on past fees paid for club membership or initiation for any reason. Certain value has already been provided in that member had access to discounts and other club privileges and benefits, and the extent to which a member takes advantage of such benefits has no bearing on the amount owed for membership. Members may cancel at any time.

Q) I need to update my credit card information, what should I do?
A) Please email our office for assistance info@camarilloairport.com and you will be sent a link to update your information.

Q) What happens if my credit card on file stops working?
A) If for any reason we are unable to process fees on the credit card on file, we will notify you in writing via email to the address provided at registration. You will then have 10 calendar days to update your credit card information and successfully process your outstanding monthly dues. If not resolved within this time frame, your membership will be cancelled, and a new registration fee will be required for future membership.