Multi-Engine Discovery Flight

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During this 2-hour discovery flight you and your Certified Multi-Engine Flight Instructor will meet to assess your current hours / ratings, discuss your best path to becoming a multi-engine rated pilot, complete a safety briefing, and take flight in our DA-42 for an introduction to safely piloting a multi-engine aircraft. 

Total Instructional Time: 2.0 Hrs.

Total Aircraft Run Time: Approximately 1.0 Hrs.

Please note:

Backseat students are prohibited on Multi-Engine Discovery flights at this time. 

Flight Lesson cannot be scheduled until after online purchase

Advanced booking notice is required (Expect 2-3 weeks out for scheduling)

*Students are required to at minimum possess a Private Pilot License to participate*

Rescheduling: This discovery flight may only be rescheduled once by student and is subject to rescheduling by CFI for weather or mechanical reasons. 

Discovery Flights are not refundable but do not expire.